Ullna Golf Club har fått ett unikt erbjudande att resa till Ryder Cup i USA. OBS! Begränsat antalet platser. Jag har bifogat erbjudandet från Golftraveller med information om resan och kontaktuppgifter för mer utförlig beskrivning.

” I made you an offer for the Ryder Cup VIP-package solely on the Minnesota part, from the 27.9 – 3.10. Find it attached. We can also tailor an offer with the NY extension if desired.

There are two price options
A) Ryder Cup days being Friday and Sunday; Double occupancy 5 305€ and single occupancy 6 955€

B) Ryder cup days being Thursday and Saturday; Double occupancy 4 405€ and 6 055€ for single occupancy.

The powerpoints below are made on both options A & B (the itineraries at the end of both presentations differ according to the details mentioned above). ”

Attached are also pictures on the location of our VIP-chalet. It is #64 in Sam Snead Village.

Ullna_Golf_option_A.pptx (Skrivskyddad)
Ullna_Golf_option_B.pptx (Skrivskyddad)
AbeMitchell Sam Snead
Overview Map
Johan Hagenfeldt

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