Du varmt välkommen till Ullna, där vi i samband med SM Match passar på att ha en bokrelease av Ullna Golf Club – Our story.

– On these pages we present the story of Ullna Golf Club. From 1981 to the present day, this name weaves in and out of Sweden’s golf history. Ullna gave birth to the modern era of Swedish golf, and has hosted princes, presidents and stars of sports and entertainment. Ullna’s high level of service to its members, guests and visitors became the standard for Sweden’s golf clubs.

It is with great appreciation that we thank Jack Nicklaus for writing the Club’s latest chapter. It is an honor that Mr. Nicklaus oversaw the upgrade of the Ullna golf course. Sven Tumba was his motivating factor. That reason shows us the meaning of deep friendship. He explained, “I took Sven’s pretty darn good golf course and put a new floor on it.” That floor has brought Ullna Golf Club international acclaim and an exciting future.

It was with the contributions and cooperation of the members, the “soul” of Ullna, that this story came about. Our story is one of a wonderful balance of vision and prudence. It is the collaboration between the business and the game. It allows us to continue Sven Tumba’s dream on the lakeside for all to enjoy.

Whether you come to Ullna to play golf or enjoy our restaurant or delight in the exquisite panorama of our Club House terrace – Please, make yourself at home!

Kom ut och träffa finalisterna som ska spela semi- och final under lördagen. Det kommer även att bjudas på något litet att äta & dricka och för alla medlemmar finns möjlighet att köpa boken (på hela 86 sidor) till ett mycket förmånligt pris, endast 250 kr denna kväll!

OSA: Senast Fredag den 24 Juni till

Johan Hagenfeldt